Spec Theatre’s New Script…

On December 5th, in collaboration with Devon More and Way Off-Broadway, Spec Theatre presents a new script; jew-ish by Ira Cooper, a play about letting things go that no longer serve you and not being shackled to traditions, history and the expectation to carry them on

The event is called “Script Tease”. Here is the write up for the play and the event:

What happens when the one they serve no longer serves you?
jew-ish is a play about acceptance, release – and being self-ish. Izzy’s family wants him to get married, have children and, most importantly, carry on the Jewish traditions and culture that have been passed on for generations and generations. But who does that benefit? Who do they want him to be?

Script Tease is an interactive workshop that is as participatory as you want it to be, and as fresh as it gets. It is an experiment in blind casting and an exploration of instinct – open to both seasoned performers and nervous stage virgins alike…

One featured playwright presents a brand new work for its very first reading – and the actors who’ll breathe life into the script are drawn from the audience the very same night! Show up, drop your name in the hat, and YOU may have your chance to shine in the cold read of a never-before-heard play by the GVRD’s next Shakespeare.

December 5th’s script is by Ira Coopa Troop – the same clever playwright of Way Off-Broadway’s October hilarious hit – The Ultimate Hipster – a witty and whimsical work packed with wonderful language – and a few timely philosophical questions about our relationship with technology.

Ira Cooper is also one of the driving minds behind Spec Theatre “Our mandate is to create original, accessible and inviting theatre for all. We want to ask, pretend, subvert, contort, reinvigorate, re-imagine, redefine and explore possibilities and realms through engaging performance.”

We love new work at Way Off-Broadway Wednesday – and these initial colourful collisions between audience and creative concept are the best part of the process. Come see why on December 5th!

Welcome to the Way Off World: Idiosyncratic, independent, intimate, and inclusive – this ain’t your grandma’s definition of theatre… Since January 2017, Way Off-Broadway Wednesday has been serving up weird, wild, and wonderful works of performative art every week. From Creative Producer – and host – Devon More Music . Food, frosty drinks, and full table service available. Free live music starts on the Front Room Mainstage after the show. Just steps from Columbia Skytrain station, in the New West.

Showtime: 7pm (Doors 6:30pm)
Pay What YOU Want
The Back Room Theatre
in The Heritage Grill
Reservations recommended: 604.759.0819

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