About Spec Theatre

Spec Theatre is a nimble lil’ theatre collective that creates performance-based artworks exploring contemporary society and culture through a speculative lens.

We are passionate about art, theatre and collaboration. Since 2014 we have endeavoured to make art that is both entertaining and thoughtful.

We live, work and make art on the beautiful, stolen, lands of the Coast Salish Nations, known widely as the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Specifically, we are based in Vancouver, BC.

We strive to make our work and events as inviting and accessible as possible. We support: Anti-racism, Indigenous Peoples, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ2, people with disabilities, feminism, sex workers, environmental groups, and all other people and communities who make up this beautiful and diverse world.

ira cooper (lowercase)
Ruby Arnold

Hannah Everett

Drew Carlson
Lakshmi Lochan

Matt Clarke

Aslam Husain