mr.coffeehead is a foot-fuelled, slapstick tragedy about bikepacking, dreaming big and giving up in your 30s.

‘I was entranced by Ira’s performance, an existential journey about motivation and finding meaning. I loved the . . . whimsical touches in a lighthearted show about the big things in life.’

Sarah Deshaies of Upstage (CKUT Radio Montreal)

* Nominated for ‘Outstanding Clown Show’ at the Frankies in Montreal *


ira cooper as Stańczyk


Writer: ira cooper

Director: Aslam Husain

Designer: Ruby Arnold

Music: ira cooper, Brian Cochrane


Run time: 60 minutes

Ages: 18+

Audiences Have Said…

“Engaging show with some good songs and lots of laughs!”


“A great clown should be funny, courageous, vulnerable, and have a voice that needs to be heard. Mr Coffeehead is all of that and more. This play, about fighting to find the creative voice and life from under the thumbs of those who try to keep us small, is at times quirky, funny, witty, and strange. I got it. And I was deeply moved.”

Bob Frazer

“Great characters engaging performance.”


“. . . as the show spirals down to its closure, the final moment is actually pretty transcendent, raising it to a level of memorable experimental theatre.”

The Edmonton Journal

“If you’ve ever wanted to see “The Graduate” meets “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”, this play’s for you. Mr Coffeehead is ‘grounded’ (pun absolutely intended) by a wildly charismatic performance from playwright and performer Ira Cooper, who does a terrific job of capturing the tumult of an impending mid-life crisis. . . . It’s a challenging, tight-rope act of a piece which may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but I loved every minute of it and still find myself mulling over the play’s themes several days later.”


“Great show overall for anyone who likes adventure, drama, or just wants a good laugh! Must see fringe show.”


Past Performances


  • Vancouver International Fringe Festival
  • Victoria International Fringe Festival
  • Edmonton International Fringe Festival
  • Winnipeg International Fringe Festival
  • Montreal International Fringe Festival