What people are saying about Spec Theatre?

Sid: The Handsome Bum

“Rannelli continues to impress with her range.” -Alison (Vancouver, BC)

“Eye opening! A must see show! Go experience street life through Sid’s eyes!” -Jam (Vancouver, BC)

Sid: The Handsome Bum rips a veil of privilege from the audience. Those silenced in our community are empowered, given winged voices that must be heard. -Elisabeth (Vancouver, BC)

“Sid: The Handsome Bum is a play filled with questions. It makes us question how we not only view those on the fringes of society but why there’s an uncomfortable feeling of listening to them, looking at them and helping them.” -Alison (Vancouver, BC)

You lose the stage and fall victim to empathy. Whatever your stance or preconceptions, you feel what Sid feels and I implore everyone to experience the tragedy and comedy. -Shawn (Mission, BC)

Sid forces us to confront something we’re all used to ignoring everyday, and that alone made it worth seeing.” -Brian (Vancouver, BC)

“…a cleverly written play backed by a strong performer.” -Alison (Vancouver, BC)

Rarely do you see a show so powerful. An intimate look into the life of someone on the streets. You will laugh and cry. You will leave feeling you should do more, ignore less. -Louise (Vancouver, BC)