Artisanal Intelligence

Spec Theatre’s Artisanal Intelligence had a great summer 2019 tour, thank you to everyone who came out! We started off with two pre-tour shows in our stomping grounds of Vancouver, followed by shows in the Regina, Charlottetown and Edmonton International Fringe Festivals!

Written by ira cooper
Directed by Bronwen Marsden
Performed by Hannah Everett and Drew Carlson

Did you know that without goats, the coffee bean may have never been discovered? Can you tell the difference between three types of beer from a smell test? Do you use a spy glass instead of binoculars when you travel? Do you type out your university essays on a typewriter? Did you build your bicycle from scratch? Barry knew, Barry can, Barry would, Barry does and Barry did. Artisanal Intelligence Inc. is proud to introduce the next wave in A.I. customer service: Barry – the perfect fit for all your too-cool for school business needs!


Run Time: 50 Minutes
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Musical/Interactive

Edmonton International Fringe Festival 2019

Acacia Hall

10433 83 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB

Island International Fringe Festival 2019

Haviland Club (Grand Room)

2 Haviland Street
Charlottetown, PEI

Regina International Fringe Festival 2019


2627 13th Avenue
Regina, SK


Havana Theatre

1212 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC